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SFXy GrabNeed a little extra zing in your sound? SFXY GRAB is like seasoning for your audio, adding that perfect pinch of sound effects to the beginning and end of your grabs. Giving that extra POP on the GO! Make your Grab sound sfxy.
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Audio EnhanceTake your vocals from bland to grand with VOCALISE! This nifty tool is like a magic wand for your voice, transforming it into broadcast-ready perfection. Because let's face it, every vocal deserves to sound like a superstar!
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Commercial CreatorTurn your ideas into ear-catching ads with COMMERCIAL BUILDER! This tool is your one-stop shop for crafting commercials that stick in people's minds. Just add a dash of music to your vocals and voila, you've got yourself a commercial masterpiece!
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Theme CreatorThis tool lets you fine-tune your audio to perfection. Plus, with customizable delays, you can hit the spot every time!
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Batch EditorTime to multiply your creativity with the Batch Editor. Say goodbye to tedious editing and hello to efficiency. This tool lets you whip up multiple commercial spots in a flash by batch adding voiceovers or changing updates it one go! It's like having your own audio production assistant!
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Studio ProducerTrim, tune, and transform your audio with the Editor! Whether you're snipping out unwanted silence or chopping out a mistake, this tool puts the power of editing in your hands. It’s the Basic Bitch editor.
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